About Us

Welcome To Baramasi

Baramasi is leading brand of organic food in india. As a manufacturer and exporter of organic products such as pulses, spices, cereals etc. We started our company with the vision of swadeshi bharat and atmanirbhar bharat. we envision the growth of uttrakhand with the healthy lives of all the people of india.

Our company has come a way since the people of india started exporting organic product to foreign territory for better gain we started this company with a vision to a organic products to every class of our society with lesser price than that of organic.

Our vision

To be the leading brand of organic food in india to that provides organic product every class of citizen with a very reasonable price to make consumers aware of the benefits of organic food by providing that option of buying organic products at almost comparable price than the regular products.

Our Mission

To help people live a long healthy life with less diseases by providing then with 100 % authentic organic products originating from one of the most natural places on earth call Uttrakhand (India).